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SMARTPREP gives you instant access to the core knowledge you need to master in each subject. Our proven flash card format promotes active learning, along with useful ways to organize your study time and become a more effective student. SMARTPREP resources provide full coverage of the official Diploma Programme, thousands of questions and answers developed by subject experts, and maximum flexibility whether you have two years to study or two months to revise.

Built as flash cards, our resources are available in print or as a web app, so you can study at home, in school and anywhere in between.

All SMARTPREP authors teach at leading IB world schools. Click on any Diploma Programme subject to learn more about them:

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"You can see that the SMARTPREP authors have deep knowledge of the courses and help to prepare students thoroughly, ensuring that nothing is missed. Revision can be a social activity, independent and fun!"
"SMARTPREP has been a tool for me, in both Economics and Biology, which has taught me all I needed to know - nothing more, nothing less. The questions along with the answers are structured in a way that eases processing and memorizing the information in a very time-efficient way. Thank you SMARTPREP!"
"SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards do not disappoint whatsoever. For a really appropriate price, I received an amazing, high-quality product that has guided me in the right direction when studying the enormous volume of work that is IB."
"I think the cards are excellent. The author has managed to conserve the conceptual nature of the new syllabus, which is great. I would certainly recommend them to my students."
"My experience with SMARTPREP has been nothing but positive, and I’m sure that I will be even more thankful for having purchased my sets next month, when results are sent out."
"These cards are straightforward, easy to use and contain all the critical content you need to know to be well prepared for the IB exam. Wish we had these cards for the two diploma years to study and revise throughout the course!"
Special thanks to the community of Munich International School, a leading IB World School for supporting us and our venture right from the start and up to this day. The feedback and advice from MIS students and faculty will always be a cornerstone of SMARTPREP.


The digital flash cards

The web app is like having a personal tutor in your pocket. It lets you access 4,700+ flash cards with 7,800+ questions with answers from any device. Its clear navigation and tracking features mean that you can study on the go and stay organized.

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The print flash cards

They are the perfect study buddy. Each subject comes packaged in its own presentation box with index tabs and progress cards to organize your study plan.

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