10 Things No IB Student Has Ever Said


There are several ways the IB tries to be ahead of other programs. Some of these are: the number of subjects, CAS hours, or the Extended Essay. It’s supposed to be challenging and turn you into more of a critical and independent thinker. 

Does it make you a better student though? Find out by simply reading our list of 10 things no IB student has ever said:

  1. I already finished my Extended Essay in the summer.
  2. Awesome! No more homework.
  3. Theory Of Knowledge is really starting to make sense.
  4. I wouldn’t fake those CAS hours if I were you.
  5. I don’t use SparkNotes. I actually read the book.
  6. I’ll do this now so that I’m free next week.
  7. I slept plenty of hours last night.
  8. Could I hand my paper in before the deadline?
  9. I’ll just solve this without my graphing calculator.
  10. I’m looking for something more challenging.


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