The Pros and Cons of writing your Extended Essay over the Summer Holidays



Less stress! Do you remember the last time you started an assignment early and were able to finish it without any stress or pressure? Of course you don’t. I heard it’s like getting a coupon for 50 CAS hours though.

Performance! Yes, for some of you it may sound unbelievable, but increasing the amount of time and effort you invest into a project does usually lead to a better result. Isn’t it a remarkable world we live in :-O ?! You should perhaps consider this when revising for your IB exams as well...

Make use of the lesser days! Summer will surely offer some good opportunities for you to be proactive. There will be rainy days and summer storms. Use these times to work on your extended essay or to get a head start for the coming school year.

Live the life of a writer! Have you ever seen a movie featuring an author? Doesn’t it all seem so romantic? Getting up at 11am, taking your laptop and a hot cup of tea to your porch and giving free reign to your creativity. You don’t have any other obligations, so go ahead and give it a try. Even if it’s not as romantic as presented by the movies, it will feel good to get some work done. 

The one who laughs last, laughs loudest! It’s always the same... Once a deadline comes up, you and your fellow classmates start to run about like headless chicken. But not this time! You wrote your essay during the summer, earned yourself a safe seven, and have all the time in the world now to do the same for your math portfolio. They may call you a nerd, but you’ll be calling them from Harvard soon.


The weather! The majority of IB students live in the northern hemisphere, so most of you can expect the best weather conditions to do – well, let’s be honest – anything but work.

Summer holidays! It’s the holiday you have gotten used to as the ultimate one. It’s several weeks in which it’s always been completely acceptable to do absolutely nothing. Instead, you may now spend your time worrying about the biggest assignment of your school career.

Friend’s travels! What’s worse than being busy over the summer? Watching everyone else have a blast! Facebook and Instagram make it unavoidable. Do you really want to bite that bullet?

There’s no pressure! IB students are famous for their ability to procrastinate and perform under pressure. How on earth do you want to write an essay months before it’s due if you can do it the week before? Especially if the majority of your friends aren’t doing it.

Summer break is an energy source! You have been working hard for several months. Now is the time to relax and enjoy and build up an energy level that gives you the ability to surpass all others. Once school starts, you can go “full-throttle”.


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