5 Productive Tasks for IB Students’ Summer Holidays



Extended Essay! Most IB students will say that this was their biggest assignment in high school. Hence, it makes sense to get started or even finish it during your summer holidays. If you’re actually considering it, click here to read our blog about the pros and cons of writing your extended essay over the summer. 

IB Summer Courses! Independent of whether in school, university or at work, people would generally be well-advised if more of them used long unoccupied periods to reflect on recent months and, in the case of IB, refresh their memory and deepen their understanding of the material. Also, it’s a good compromise if you want to be proactive during your holidays, as it would ask of you to give up your entire vacation.

Post-IB plans! There are so many possibilities after graduation, that it already makes sense to invest some time into planning your future. If you want to start studying immediately, do you already know what to study, where, what the requirements are, etc.? If you want to travel for a year, do you know where, with whom, and if your budget is sufficient? Whether you’re looking for workplaces, adventures, rest or further education, it’s never a mistake to devote some time to thorough planning, in order to simply reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises. Additionally, it will motivate you!

CAS! Most of you will leave a good proportion of your CAS obligations until the end. However, when CAS is due, you should be busy with revision for your IB exams. The simplest solution is to use parts of your summer. Participate in a social project abroad, for instance. You get to help those in need, meet new people, and have the privilege to encounter new places and cultures. Of course, there are tons of other options to get your CAS done fairly quickly, so that some of the summer remains unoccupied.

Fueling energy! This is probably the alternative most IB students will stick to. It’s almost as if being a student activates certain genes in your DNA, triggering intense procrastination, and laziness. Still, it’s completely legitimate to do nothing but to enjoy the summer. It’s a chance to get some weight off your shoulder, but if you prefer being more stressed and under pressure during the school year, rather than during your holidays, then that’s your decision - just make sure that the quality of your work doesn’t decrease due to time-constraints.


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