5 Thoughts Before Mock Exams

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Dear Readers, 

It is the time of year again when mock exams take its toll on IB students. Depending on what grade you are in, you have either been through them or will be in the upcoming years. This is why I wanted to share 5 thoughts that you may have before taking your mock exams.

  1. Everyone else looks really prepared

This crosses my mind before every test! However, it is important that you do not let this influence you. For your final or even mock exams, I urge you to avoid conversation on “everything” that you have learnt. It will either stress you out or confuse you. Just remember that you know what you know and the rest does not matter!

  1. This is just a practice

Although mocks are considered a practice for the final IB exams, they really are important and useful. Firstly, students are able to experience the pressure and conditions that they will be under in May. Additionally, you will get to experience the time it takes you to finish your paper, which is incredibly important. Therefore, you do not want to take these exams too lightly. Learning for the mocks will make studying for the finals so much easier. Instead of learning everything again from the beginning, you can simply continue where you left off. 

  1. I need to look at my notes again

I am one of those people that is never able to shake this feeling. However, similarly to the mocks or the final IB exam, I advise you to write what is most important (only for the day of the test) on a piece of paper and to only refer to that. It may be counterproductive to stress yourself out by looking through millions of flash cards for a “last minute” study sesh. 

  1. Maybe it will not be that bad

I would not bet on it. For many, the mocks will be pretty awful. That is a given. However, you will have the perfect chance to prepare for your upcoming IB exam and perhaps score the maximum number of points.

  1. How will I feel when I take my finals

I do not think you can compare the feeling you have during your mocks to the one when you walk into your first and last IB exam. You should rather be thinking about the pleasure of finishing your whole school career with a great IB.

I wish everyone who is taking the May 2017 IB exams the best of luck! 

Your Farah



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