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Dear Readers,

As the mid-year report cards have arrived, I wanted to share a rather motivational story with all of you.

I would characterize myself as a master of procrastination in which I am able to spend a week avoiding any work or responsibilities. Hence, my sister and I bet on our averages. To further clarify, my sister has already claimed her IB Diploma and is about to receive her Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, my motivation derives from her GPA that I aim to beat every year. This year, we renewed our bet once again, and distinguished that I was able to score a higher GPA than her by a very small margin. The reason I shared this story was because I improved my grades by introducing a little competitiveness. Personally, the bet lifts pressure off of the report card, as I am able to view it more as a “game”. Either I win, or I lose in which I am able to improve further and be reminded of my end goal. An easy to implement and effective strategy.

Try it out!

Your Farah


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