6 Ways of Life After Your IB Exams

  1. The party animal: After your last exam you were ecstatic. The years of agony are done - at least for now. But how should you treat your saturated and exhausted brain? Well, do you remember the “Memory Clear” button on your calculator? You have one of these too, but you trigger it with one hell of a party. The good news is, with your IB exams completed, there’s nothing to stop you from a second, or third, or fourth, or fifth party. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat... Enjoy!

Halfway Done!


The IB Chemistry and IB History exams are coming up. Learn how to fight for every mark by reading our Tips n’ Tricks:

Chemistry Paper 1

  • Read all responses before choosing an answer. Multiple-choice questions often seem to lead candidates to the wrong answer initially, before realizing that another answer sounds more right.