The 5 Ws of the last days before your IB DP exams



At this time of year, students preparing for the upcoming IB exams can be separated into two groups. One group is eager to take the exams, tired of studying, and impatient to finally be done with it all. The other group is afraid, paranoid about the time slipping away, and wishing for an extra two weeks to revise. However, time will neither speed up nor slow down. Everyone has the same handful of days left to get the best out of their exam period. With time closing in, people of either group like to panic. What should I be studying now? Where, when, and how will I be most efficient? Should I ask others for help? The first step is to relax. As an IB student, you should be at least somewhat comfortable with peaks of stress. Stay cool and in control, and take a look back and learn from everything you’ve done so far in order to maximize your effectiveness for the final countdown. Tackle each of your doubts one by one.

The moments before your IB exam


Throughout this blog, I will be referring to the experience I gained while preparing and sitting for the IB exams and University. Both academic areas have helped me build some experience from which I will share insights that may sound very trivial at first. However, simple thoughts are usually the most powerful in stressful situations. 

During my IB exam period, I always kept in mind: exams are nothing more than a game. They are a game that can be tackled and won with the right strategy (a combination of your revision and psychological strategy). The revision strategy includes thorough planning of your revision time. For example, by isolating your weak spots per subject. This leads to the questions: when to revise what and in how much depth? You can also take a look at some organizational tools we are making available for free by clicking here.