The Four Seasons of the IB Diploma Programme

As we’re advancing through October and transitioning from summer to winter (or vice versa depending on where you are), you can’t help but feel like the IB Diploma Programme very much resembles the four seasons. It is a continuous two-year cycle, opening doors to huge opportunities for tens of thousands of students.
Do you want to check which season you’re currently in and what is still to come? We’ve outlined our interpretation for you below:


Commonly, IB students experience summer as a light-headed time with much freedom and limited responsibilities. Large proportions of it are spent outside and engaging activities take place all around. Just like in the beginning of the Diploma Programme, everyone is aware that this will pass and that being a little proactive could make the months to come significantly easier. Then again, it’s tough being particularly productive when your fellow classmates are still taking their time to get focused.


Once summer has passed and holidays are over, students become increasingly invested into schoolwork. Now, they are full of energy to tackle the tasks awaiting them. The carelessness they’ve experienced in summer is slowly giving away to a more sophisticated and serious, yet motivated lifestyle. It’s like trees losing their leafs, one after another, to prepare for a cold and snowy winter.


In the colder regions on Earth, winter is a pale time of year in which it is never wrong to simply lock yourself inside and to make yourself comfortable next to a warm and cozy fireplace. After the first year of the Diploma Programme, the colorful and enterprising spirit of summer has almost been forgotten. Homework and other assignments like the Extended Essay need to be completed, examinations are approaching, and everyone around you seems to follow the same gray rhythm.


When spring comes around, one can feel a more hopeful atmosphere starting to spread. The days get longer, the blooming trees and flowers bring back color, and it’s only a matter of time until summer is back. Projecting this onto the Diploma Programme would probably leave you somewhere right after your mocks, where all your assignments are finished and the 'only' thing left are your final exams. Now, just keep going a little longer and you’ll reach a new summer, much more rewarding than the last one. 


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