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As IB students we are required to sacrifice our sleep schedules, nerves, and weekends to achieve full marks. Sometimes we are able to accomplish 100%, whilst other times we are left with bitter disappointment and a “see me after class” note. However, to avoid the shunning looks of teachers and parents, I have developed three tips to be prepared for the upcoming or future Internal Oral Assessments.

Study the required format: For every Internal Oral Commentary the examiners will want you to follow a certain structure. This isn’t an “I’ll just wing it” situation, as your teacher and the IB examiner will know that you tried to “just wing it”. The sooner you are aware of the expectations and format of your commentary, the sooner you will be able to address the point. Contact your teacher, and try to get a good night’s sleep so that you can walk confident and calm into your exam.

Revise your Speaking Skills: As a student I know that speaking ten minutes about a text can either feel like ten hours or ten seconds. Trust me, I have endured the worst practices in which I was barely able to formulate sentences correctly. However, as the IOC makes up 15% of your grade, you probably want to avoid the worst case scenario, bringing me to my next point. Speak in front of a mirror, speak to your friends, or anyone who will listen for that matter. Practice, practice, practice! Test yourself with friends and attempt to formulate well-structured sentences under time pressure, to be familiar with the feeling.

Have confidence: “Have a little confidence” sounds like something your teacher might say with an awkward smile while attempting to make you feel less nervous. Realistically, we will all be anxious and most likely wish that it will be over soon. However, stressing too much can cause you to lose track of your sentences, and nobody wants that. To put it simply, just don’t overthink it too much and try your best. 

I hope you guys will succeed in your IOC and work hard but remember that it isn’t the end of the world if not everything goes right.

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