Three Reasons For An IB Halloween

Halloween has come a long way. The Irish tradition has turned into an inherent part of American culture and is beginning to be more and more accepted internationally as well. Hence, it’s about time that it becomes part of IB culture, too – and there’s good reason for it also:

It’s scary! You’re doubting that an IB-theme Halloween has a lot of horror potential? Then imagine an IB student opening the door to someone dressed in an Extended Essay custom. If he doesn’t faint straight away he’ll at least give up all his candy.

It’s creative! Nowadays, putting together an original Halloween custom has almost become a professional sport. Dressing up as CAS hours or a lab report will certainly provide a challenge. Not to mention the potential TOK bears for an inventive outfit. 

It’s encouraging! Everyone probably knows the saying that it’s important to be able to laugh about yourself. Well, the same goes for IB. Because that mathematics exam will only seem half as scary if it reminds you of your best friend dressed up as a graphing calculator…


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