An IB Advent Calendar

As December is approaching quickly, it is hard to ignore the spreading Christmas spirit. Lights and greenery are beginning to decorate the streets and first Christmas markets are already starting to serve hot cookies and drinks (at least in this part of the world). One of our favourite traditions of the season is also going to be on the rise again: Advent calendars.

Three Things IB Students Can Learn From Retakers

Although there are IB schools that host their DP exams in November, the majority of you will link this time of year with retakes going on. Independent of the cycle you follow, they are an event you should be consciously aware of, as they may be accompanied by some valuable lessons for your own exams. You're asking which? We’ve listed three important ones below:

Three Reasons For An IB Halloween

Halloween has come a long way. The Irish tradition has turned into an inherent part of American culture and is beginning to be more and more accepted internationally as well. Hence, it’s about time that it becomes part of IB culture, too – and there’s good reason for it also: