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Our mission here at SMARTPREP is to design smart, organized and efficient revision resources tailored to IB students. However, we do not limit ourselves to creating excellent publications but furthermore take great pride in making these available to you everywhere. Whether it’s Sidney, Capetown or Toronto, we do not hesitate to ensure a safe arrival of the materials you need for the success of your Diploma Programme. We will even cover your shipping costs for deliveries within the EU. 

The Four Seasons of the IB Diploma Programme

As we’re advancing through October and transitioning from summer to winter (or vice versa depending on where you are), you can’t help but feel like the IB Diploma Programme is very much resembled by the four seasons. It is a continuous two-year cycle, opening doors to enhanced opportunities for tens of thousands of students, time and time again.
Do you want to check which season you’re currently in and what is still to come? We’ve outlined our interpretation for you below:

The IB Diploma Programme Checklist

The beginning of the Diploma Programme marks an important milestone in every IB students career, including yours. Up to this day, every year you’ve spent in school, every homework you’ve handed in, every test you’ve passed (or failed), and every essay you've written, was at least partially meant to prepare you for the upcoming two years.

However, your DP results are not determined by your past performance. Actually, it is quite the contrary. After all, the...