Meet the author

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Ngoc Vo
Haese Mathematics

"After receiving a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, I started working at Haese Mathematics as a proofreader and author."

What went into your method when you created flash cards for mathematics?

"While writing these cards, I tried to ensure that every key concept listed on the theory cards was tested on a question card. Most of the time, this resulted in writing short, basic questions. Combined with the longer cross-topic questions, I imagine that these are the types of questions students might see in a test or exam."

How do you picture students using these flash cards?

"I imagine that students would mainly use these cards as a resource for revision. The icons and theory card references on each question card can help them quickly identify which questions are most relevant to them, without spoiling the solution for themselves."

Do you have any tips for using flash cards as a teaching aid?

"Outside of revision, the solutions to question cards may be worked through as a class. In addition to encouraging collaboration, it's beneficial for the weaker students who lack the initiative to ask for help."