Meet the Author

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Tom Harbour
Teaching at:
Munich International School, Germany

"I studied Physical Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and received my Masters in Education through Warwick University."

"My students were excited about a flash card revision guide, which convinced me to join SMARTPREP."

What went into your method when you created flash cards for Physics?

"The content of the cards was designed to support the required conceptual and mathematical understanding that is elementary for the IB DP Physics course. It consists of questions and answers about the concepts, backed up with a variety of diagrams, images and graphs, and mathematical theory with diverse applications."

How do you picture students using these flash cards?

"In my experience the cards are a great tool for students to identify the areas they are (un)comfortable with. I would encourage students to approach the flash cards the same way that they would tackle a real exam question, i.e. not relying too heavily on the answers until the end!"

Do you have any tips for using flash cards as a teaching aid?

"As a teacher, the cards are a flexible resource and they make it very easy to bring an element of competition into revision lessons. Often small groups enjoyed trying to solve the same flash cards together and fought over who could provide the most right answers in a row."