IB DP Biology SL

IB DP Biology SL

IB DP Biology SL


SL Set

  • Covers core topics 1 to 6.

The Benefits

  • In accordance with the all-new 2016 IB DP syllabus.
  • Written by highly experienced IB DP educators.
  • Content organized at a glance.
  • Suitable for a variety of learning styles.

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ISBN: 978-3-946138-00-6

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Meet the Author

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Dr. Paul Muskett
Teaching at:
Munich International School, Germany

"After receiving my BSc and Ph.D in Biological Sciences through the University of Leicester, I spent several years working as a molecular biologist."

"I joined SMARTPREP because I think students need a different type of resource to aid their revision, one that allows them to use it in multiple ways."

What went into your method when you created flash cards for biology?

"The main challenges of biology are dealing with the great amount of content and subject terminology. My aim was to make the cards as concise as possible while still covering all the syllabus understandings, applications and skills. Once students then understand the biological concepts, it is easier for them to draw links between topics."

How do you picture students using these flash cards?

"Most commonly I see students going through one topic at a time on their own, or working in pairs or small groups to test each other. The cards really help students to focus on the areas where they need the most help and enable them to ask specific questions to achieve understanding."

Do you have any tips for using flash cards as a teaching aid?

"Starters and plenaries and team quizzes are an obvious use. For review, the cards can be divided in different topics so students can have a choice. To promote independent learning, I give the students several questions that they can go through prior to a group discussion."