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Manuel Capelo
Teaching at:
Sevenoaks School, UK

“I studied English and French at the University of A Coruña and afterwards I worked on several lexicography projects and had a short career in HR before becoming a teacher.”

"I decided to join SMARTPREP because I wanted to contribute with a project that would provide students with an effective and practical resource that would support them with their IB Diploma."

What went into your method when you created flash cards for Spanish?

"With these cards I wanted to provide students with a summary of the key concepts and knowledge in Spanish. I decided to adopt a systematic approach in all areas, trying to cover all content from very basic to advanced so that it would be suitable to students of all levels. All cards are written completely in Spanish to replicate the IB resources and materials."

How do you picture students using these flash cards?

"Hopefully students will see the cards as a reference material that will support them and guide them along the way with their IB studies. Students can use them as they cover each topic or as a revision tool. They can delve into the different sections combining grammar, vocabulary, text types and exam technique, according to their needs."

Do you have any tips for using flash cards as a teaching aid?

"The cards can be used to revise specific topics once students have identified their weak areas or as an overall consolidation before assessments. Students can use them individually or in pairs for peer-assessment."