SMARTPREP has started as and continues to be a team effort. Many people got involved and have left their footprint along the way. We value their impact and want to express our gratitude by listing two of them:

Andreas Acktun is a very talented photographer based in the area of Munich. We appreciate all the hard work he has done and are proud of the images he has produced for us. They have certainly made our products even more tangible. Thank you!

Tim Hammermann has provided us with 360° support, advice, and the necessary infrastructure to build SMARTPREP. Despite his busy schedule and long list of responsibilities, he has made our founding and managing experience much easier - we really appreciate it, thank you!

There are many more people we could mention. Both, they and SMARTPREP know who they are and we are just as thankful for their help and support. We truly wish all of them the very best and hope that one day we can return the favor.