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Hello, I'm the SMARTPREP IB App!

I am a natural extension of the flash cards that thousands of students worldwide already enjoy as their indispensable study buddy. I cover the same Diploma Programme subjects with bite-size information that adds up to a ton of essential knowledge. The result is an interactive learning system that combines intuitive navigation with intelligent tracking to keep you focused and motivated as you study.

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Now seamlessly integrated with ManageBac

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digital content

“Smart” because I learn from every user action I record.

Flash Cards

I follow the IB Diploma syllabus to a tee. Thousands of question cards add up to full coverage of SL and HL. Each card is a kernel of essential knowledge. Flick through them for concise explanations including clear graphics.


I adapt to any screen size. I fit your smartphone, tablet or computer to display the same interactive features and content. I’m always ready when you are, wherever you are.

Subject Carousel

I display all your purchases in my subject carousel. Swipe left to right to change subjects from anywhere within the app. No back buttons, just quick and easy navigation.


I crunch your right and wrong answers in the background to build your learning log. I learn from you so you can learn with me.

Topic Tiles

Navigate me like a book. Each topic tile expands into a full index. From start to finish I keep track of what you need to know and what you’ve already learned.



Deep study mode

“Smart” because I recognize that studying is not a linear process.

Card Links

By mapping information to every subtopic where it is relevant, I link you directly to the other cards where the same concepts apply. I ensure that you develop conceptual knowledge beyond the “right” answer.


Coming soon

I'm a pro at shuffling cards, whether it means flipping the questions and answers or scrambling the full deck. I randomize the cards several times in order to promote knowledge acquisition.

Smart Shuffle

Coming soon

In Smart Shuffle, I retrieve the questions you answered incorrectly and rank them as your top learning priorities. So the more you study with me, the more targeted your training program.



Individual study plan

“Smart” because following a personalized plan is the best way to make learning stick.


Go on, write all over me. Add study notes to any card. Access all your notes from a preview screen and sort through them any way you’d like. I keep it all in plain sight.


I can get you organized. Each card you view is categorized into my folders: Learn, Repeat or Memorized. Create additional folders to fit your needs and keep track of your own learning.


Here I say "Over to you". I want you to truly take charge in Exercises. This is where you decide which cards you will be studying and when. I will keep your plan, your due dates, and your progress report visible at all times. Easy-peasy!

Attention teachers!

Ask your school to enable SMARTPREP with ManageBac – a new way to deliver individual and class instruction: simply select the cards you need, organize them into an Exercise, post a message, then send.

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I always give you the full picture so you can monitor your study plan. Access your notes, folders, exercises and cards from one convenient search screen.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned