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All ManageBac users now enjoy free and unlimited access to the SMARTPREP IB App until November 15, 2019 - directly from their account.

SMARTPREP IB App is a powerful teaching aid. It makes it easy and quick to plan the next class, prepare students for internal assessments or tailor homework assignments. Get started now from your ManageBac account.

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Welcome to the SMARTPREP Classroom!

For every class you teach, you set goals and plan clear take-aways. With its brand new ManageBac interface, SMARTPREP makes it possible to select the content that matches your teaching points, one class at a time. And because we organize subjects along the IBDP syllabus, topic by topic, it's very easy to get right to the point.

Select only the flash cards you need, add a title and message to the SMARTPREP Exercise, and push it to your students - before, during or after class.

ManageBac Stream & Resources

Once you have created a SMARTPREP Exercise, simply drag and drop it into your ManageBac Stream & Resources to include it into your lesson plan. Because the integration between Managebac and SMARTPREP is seamless, you and your students have instant access to the Exercise you prepared.

The SMARTPREP Classroom is everywhere, all the time

We love making things easy. No matter where you add Exercises in your Streams, they will all appear to your students in the SMARTPREP Classroom within the SMARTPREP IB App. And because our mobile web app is designed to work on any device, your students can study anywhere and anytime, on their phone, tablet or computer.

Turn reading notes into active study

SMARTPREP covers the DP syllabus with hundreds of flash cards per subject, each one a kernel of essential knowledge. In addition, interactive features like Notes, Folders and Analytics allow learners to organize the content according to their needs and preferences, so that they own it. Engaged students are better students…

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Tips for using SMARTPREP IB App in class

Students respond well to varied presentations and their interest is peaked by learning technologies. The SMARTPREP IB App is designed so it can be used effectively in class and beyond. Spark a new dynamic in your classroom.



Beaming flash cards augments your teaching with a gaming element your digital native students will love.

  • Reverse-study: can your students formulate flash card questions from looking at the answers first?
  • Practice analyzing questions and giving complete answers as a class.
  • Reinforce your talking points with flash card visuals that focus attention.
  • Model the use of Notes to personalize cards with the follow-up questions your students ask.



Access the app from any device, using the school's equipment or your students' own laptops or phones.

  • Partner students to take turns answering questions or to respond as a pair.
  • Set up work stations around the class, asking students to answer a question correctly before moving on to the next one.
  • Ask a conceptual question and challenge students to find the corresponding flash card as quickly as possible.



Include the app in your lesson preparation to ensure students will remember concepts long after the class is over.

  • Select a handful of flash cards to use as active summaries of your main teaching points – stress what is essential to remember.
  • Build Exercises for whole class review. You can even add your own videos, weblinks and word files.
  • Encourage your students to use the app as they would reread class notes, self-assessing their answers as they go.

So much more than an app!

SMARTPREP is proud to facilitate a smooth and successful user experience from content quality to the technical aspects of using our platform. Our goal is to make our users' journey secure, successful and rewarding.

Single Sign-On

Log in to SMARTPREP IB App with your ManageBac credentials. No new account needed.


24 hours, Monday through Friday - via phone and email. It’s the same support team that helps you with ManageBac.

+1 866 297 7022
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Data Security

Your school's data is private - and that's how we treat it. We are 100% GDPR compliant.

Top FAQs

I already have a ManageBac account. How can I access SMARTPREP IB App for free?

This is super easy because our integration with ManageBac is seamless, making use of a single sign-on (SSO).
  1. Go to the SP IB App log in page ( > click on the ‘Login with ManageBac’ button
  2. Log in with your ManageBac credentials > authorize SMARTPREP to use your ManageBac account
  3. Now you will automatically be transferred back to SP IB App. You’re ready to go!
All ManageBac users - students and teachers - can access SP IB App even if it is not yet enabled by the school’s coordinator/ManageBac administrator.

How do I enable SP IB App to benefit from SP Classroom and SP Exercise?

  1. Log in to ManageBac
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’
  3. Select ‘SMARTPREP
  4. Click on the ‘Enabled’ checkmark
SP IB App is now enabled, allowing your teachers and students to benefit from SP Exercise.

I don’t have a ManageBac account. Can I still use SP IB App?

Although the extended, full access is now exclusively available through ManageBac, we give everyone the opportunity to start enjoying SP IB App for a limited time. We give you the following three options:
  1. 3-day trial by making an SP account
    All first-time users will receive a free and full 3 day access to SP IB App.
  2. 30-day trial by purchasing SP IB Flash Cards - the print publications
    If you purchase any of our IB Flash Cards, you will automatically receive a 30 day free and full access to SP IB App. A voucher code will be sent to the email you used in our online shop, letting you start studying the second you place an order with us.
  3. Contact SMARTPREP for a voucher
    Please contact SMARTPREP directly at
After each of the above trials expire, your account remains active and free, but the full access to the content is stopped. You will need to either merge your SP account with ManageBac or log in with your ManageBac credentials to benefit from the free trial until November 15, 2019.
Learn more about SP IB Flash Cards

What will happen to my account when the free trial period ends on November 15, 2019?

Your account remains active and free, but the full access to the content is stopped. Your school will need to purchase a 1-year license starting at US$800 to re-activate your full access. Licenses are exclusively available through ManageBac.
Learn more about the pricing
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Enjoy the app for free