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Free access - now till November 15, 2019

SMARTPREP IB App is now available through ManageBac

All ManageBac users can enjoy full and free access to SMARTPREP IB App.

A richer learning experience for students, a seamless integration of resources for teachers.

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SMARTPREP and ManageBac are proud to offer you more in one place. So proud, in fact, that we will give you the full experience for free, for a limited time. This comes with NO obligation to purchase and NO auto-renewals at the end of the trial period. That is our promise and our guarantee.

From November 15, 2019 schools will be able to subscribe to SMARTPREP IB App through ManageBac. ManageBac support reps will be there to assist and answer questions.

One convenient price

Annual subscriptions start at US$800 per school:
All teachers, all students and all SMARTPREP subjects

A single invoice

For ease of accounting, SMARTPREP subscription fees will be rolled up into your ManageBac invoice. Nothing to it!