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Included in ManageBac Plus

Provides the base ManageBac IB Diploma (or CP) together with unlimited Pamoja Lesson Suite seats plus Revision Essentials including AssessPrep for online exams, SMARTPREP for flash cards & revision on the go, a full set of IB past exam paper questions, and over 24 OSC Revision Guides. Pamoja Lesson Suite seats can be used for any available subject.

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  • 7 DP subjects on 4,700+ flash cards with 7,800+ questions with answers
  • Free subject additions
  • Free content updates
  • Unlimited student accounts
  • Unlimited teacher accounts
  • Access from any device
  • The teaching tool: SMARTPREP Exercise Learn more
  • 24 hour phone and email support, Monday through Friday

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I’m a student. How can I buy full access?

SP IB App was designed to power up classroom dynamics and assist individual study and revision. Currently, it is only sold to schools as a ManageBac bundle. However, we rely on students to recommend it to their teachers. That is why we invite you to request an individual trial. If you’re convinced the app delivers, you can ask your teachers/librarian to go for the one-year subscription that will benefit all IB DP students in your school.

So, can you purchase an individual version of the app, right now? It’s not impossible, but let’s review the options. Firstly, we develop content and app features to facilitate in-class dynamics –when the whole school has access, it’s easier to work collaboratively with your teachers and classmates. We’re working continuously to add features that promote this type of interaction. Secondly, whole-school adoptions make it possible to ensure the highest quality of content and support at an affordable price. Best bang for the buck, if you will (which is why your endorsement carries a lot of weight!).

We have the best interest of IB DP students at heart and satisfying individual users is high on our list of priorities. If you do not want to go through your school and would like to buy the app for your personal use, message us now at

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