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All ManageBac users can enjoy full and free access to SMARTPREP IB App - now until November 25, 2019. A richer learning experience for students, a seamless integration of resources for teachers.

From November 25 onwards, we will transition to an affordable paid subscription.

All students All teachers All SMARTPREP subjects

For ease of accounting, the SMARTPREP subscription fee will be rolled up into your ManageBac invoice. Nothing to it!

I. I like SP IB App. How can my school purchase a SP IB App full access license?

Scenario 1 - I’m a teacher/DP coordinator/principal/school’s decision maker
Licenses are exclusively available through ManageBac.

To purchase a full access license for US$800 (learn more), select one of the two options below:
Option 1 - contact your ManageBac sales or support representative

Your ManageBac representative will assist you 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday - via phone and email.
+1 866 297 7022
+44 208 133 7489
+61 2 8006 2335
+852 8175 8152
Option 2 - request the integration via your ManageBac settings
  1. Log in to ManageBac
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’
  3. Select ‘SMARTPREP
  4. Click on ‘Request Integration’

The button will now read ‘Waiting for Integration’. A ManageBac representative will get in touch with you to verify whether you want to purchase full access or request a 14-day trial. Then ManageBac will open the integration for you.

Your school will be able to start using SP IB App as soon as you enable the app. The app is enabled once you click on the ‘Enable’ checkmark where you requested the integration (step 4 above).

Scenario 2 - I’m a student
Your school will need to purchase a full access license, so get in touch with your teacher/DP coordinator/principal/school’s decision maker, tell them about your experience with our app and ask them to contact their ManageBac representative.

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