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A Unique Synergy

Innovation and experience.

Haese Mathematics is a family-owned publishing company specializing in mathematics textbooks and accompanying software for schools and students since 1979. They launched new textbooks for the IB Diploma Mathematics courses in 2004 and were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from teachers in 2000 schools spread across 120 different countries around the world.

The combination of Haese Mathematics' expertise in delivering high quality content and SMARTPREP’s passion for effective learning results in a truly unique solution for IB DP Mathematics HL Core and SL.

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Linking Content

A smart card combination. 

Each sub-topic begins with a theory card highlighting important facts and concepts. All new skill builder and exam-style questions follow each summary with links to relevant theory cards. Use these for extra assistance on the underlying mathematical concepts within SMARTPREP Haese Mathematics IB Flash Cards or as a reference for homework, in-class assignments and other revision tools.


"While designing the product, our aim was to create a tool that lets students better target their revision work. The result is a combination of theory cards that provide concise summaries of key information and question cards that cover the fundamental skills of the courses."

Michael Haese, Haese Mathematics


Convince Yourself

Available for SL and HL.


The Bundles

Mathematics HL Core Bundle 1: Flash Cards + Exam Preparation Guide

More questions, more flexibility.

The flash cards perfectly complement the Haese Mathematics Exam Preparation Guide, providing you with brand-new questions in a completely adjustable format.

Haese Mathematics
Exam Preparation Guide

Product info:

  • 152 pages
  • Full syllabus coverage
  • Three final examinations
  • Twelve exam sets comprising 25 questions each
  • ISBN: 978-1-925489-21-7

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    Mathematics HL Core Bundle 2: Flash Cards + Textbook

    Giving you all the detail in the world.

    Make use of this powerful combination by revising the flash cards and using the Haese Mathematics Textbook to further develop your understanding and skills.

    Haese Mathematics

    Product info:

    • 960 pages
    • Detailed syllabus coverage
    • Self-tutor - animated worked examples with step-by-step, voiced explanations
    • Theory of Knowledge - activities to guide Theory of Knowledge projects
    • Graphics calculator instructions
    • ISBN: 978-1-925489-22-4

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      Mathematics HL Core Bundle 3: Flash Cards + Exam Preparation Guide + Textbook

      Bundling the best.

      Equip yourself with all three revision formats and enjoy the benefits each of them offers.


      Product info:

      • See above
      • ISBN: 978-1-925489-23-1


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