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Access all the right tools in the right place for your IB Diploma Programme classes and exams.


Your SMARTPREP IB Exam Kit includes...

...all the writing utensils you need.

2x | Power Pens

3x | Performer Pencils

2x | Hip Highlighters (in blue and orange)

...perfect equipment for measurements and circles.

1x | Clover Compass (including spare lead)

1x | Remarkable Ruler (measures centimeters, inches, and angles) accessories to erase, sharpen, and concentrate.

1x | Epic Eraser 

1x | Smart Sharpener 

1x | Peaceful Plugs (for silent moments)


Big in ideas, small in size.

The SMARTPREP IB Exam Kit consists of a 22cm x 5.5cm transparent and stable package. This complies with IB regulations, letting you take all your writing utensils and more in the examination room.

At the same time, its compact design enables you to fit it inside your pocket or bag. 


Tested quality for an important time.

Whether the SMARTPREP IB Exam Kit is closed or opened, you always have a perfect overview. Go into that examination with tools of high quality and bring your knowledge to paper. Leave nothing to chance. 

We applied strict quality criteria while developing the SMARTPREP IB Exam Kit. What are the most comfortable pens and pencils and will they last? Will I be able to measure all angles accurately? With our exam kit, the answer is yes.


Come equipped without losing time.

You want to be calm before entering the examination room. Stressing about your equipment in the last minute will have the opposite effect.

Also, the weeks before your exams are stressful - time seems to fly. Use the little time you have for revision.

Note that the SMARTPREP IB Exam Kit is designed so you can use it during both years of the IB Diploma Programme and any exam. You are responsible for bringing special equipment that is necessary for certain exams, e.g. calculator. Additionally, some schools have their own rules regarding the tools that are permitted in the exam room, such as highlighters or compasses are sometimes prohibited. Please make sure you are informed about the code of conduct of your school prior to the exams.


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