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The Flash Cards

Attention to detail.

Each flash card conveys a question on one side and the corresponding answer on the other side. Illustrated through texts, diagrams, graphs and tables, the system fosters memorization and will enable you to study effectively by yourself and with others.

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The card number, SL and HL distinction, and the title of the topic provide quick navigation through the syllabus to track your revision progress. The ‘traffic light’ system is a useful way to ‘tag’ cards.


There is a variety of approaches and special types of questions that are designed to actively prepare you for all kinds of tasks an IB exam could pose.


Crisp answers are written to boost effective learning and maximum retention of key concepts. Where applicable, hint boxes feature content-related advice.

Note-Taking Field & Card Links

A note-taking field on each flash card allows you to add facts, statements, or other important information. Links to related cards are often included.

A Smart Box

Love at first sight.

Tab Cards

Tab cards organize the subject content according to the official IB DP syllabus. Use them to rearrange the topics to suit your own needs and quickly thumb your way to the right place. Make sure you don't overlook important concepts.

Progress Cards

Monitor your study plan and learning as you go. Green progress cards come in three categories: Learn, Repeat, and Memorized.

Its Usage:

Organized search with tab cards

Organized studying with progress cards

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