A new experience.

Our mission has been to create a product that gives you unparalleled ways of organization and simplicity, and which stimulates creativity and confidence while studying the IB Diploma Programme.

Starting with a blank piece of paper, we looked closely at existing revision formats and listened to the needs of students. We then looked for like-minded authors, all educators from IB World Schools. From here we created the basis of SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards.

We have created a study and revision tool which has an appealing design, intuitive features, and which offers a great range of possibilities. These all make SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards much more than just a publication – we believe they are a game-changer.

Give yourself a completely new revision experience for the IB Diploma Programme.

The team

Committed to the vision.

The founders

Nikolas Hammermann

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | IB Alumnus

"After my IB, I studied at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Columbia University (USA). Throughout my tertiary studies, I always had a special interest in innovation management, because it is all about change, movement, and simplification. Perhaps this is why I mainly gathered work experience in start-up companies.

The education sector is the foundation of any progressing society, which is why I realized I want to participate in its development. By founding SMARTPREP, I have made it my mission to simplify educational components and hence, speed up the lagging developments in this field."

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Tobias Hübner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | IB Alumnus

"I prepared for the IB Diploma Programme not too long ago. We all know there is a lot to revise and to understand in detail. This is what drove me to develop SMARTPREP products, with a trivial, yet important aim in mind: making the lives of IB students easier.

I studied at Zeppelin University (Germany), which embodies a productive clash between culture and business. This alliance of harmonizing "differences" further built my passion for design, art, and intuitive products, which I experienced in practice by working for companies like BMW and the Guggenheim Museum.

With SMARTPREP, I have the chance to combine my aim and passion."

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The authors

Tom Harbour

IB DP Physics Teacher | SMARTPREP Author 

"I studied physical natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, before taking up a career in teaching. I have since taught both A-level and IB syllabus physics, in the UK and Germany. I recently completed my Masters in Education through Warwick University.

In my spare time I play football and tennis, and have been learning to ski now that I live close to the Alps. As a child I was the UK Under-8 chess champion, though that might be because not many 7-year-olds play chess!"

Kirti Joshi

IB DP History Teacher | SMARTPREP Author 

"My initial personal and educational background has its foundation in Tanzania, where my family of Indian origins had settled; then continued in Leicester (UK) and finalized at the University of Leeds (UK), where I read History (BA Honours) followed by a post-graduate study in Education (PGCE).

I have been at Munich International School working with the IBO programmes for over 15 years. A substantial part of my teaching has taken place in an international setting (UK and Bahamas) and with a firm belief in the philosophy enshrined in the IBO's curricular programmes."


Johannes Koevoet 

IB DP Chemistry Teacher | SMARTPREP Author 

"Although I loved the sciences in high school in The Netherlands, I never thought I would one day be teaching chemistry. However, after spending a few years in engineering and recruitment and selection, I made the move to education and have loved it ever since. 

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from Holland, a Masters degree in Education from Australia and 15 years experience teaching IB Chemistry in Asia and Europe. I started developing the Chemistry course for SMARTPREP because I saw how much my own students could benefit from a review course in a flash card format." 


Johan Lindström

IB DP Economics Teacher | SMARTPREP Author 

"I currently work at Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg (Sweden), but I will take a year off in San Diego (USA) to do some scientific research and writing.

I have two degrees - I first studied Economics & Business at the University of Gothenburgs’ Business School and then continued with Economics & Law and P.E. & Teaching at the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences. Since then, I’ve gained over 17 years of teaching experience and have already been involved with other educational publications. I like to spend my free time outside, for instance kayaking, working as a climbing instructor, or dancing tango.

When SMARTPREP contacted me, I was very happy since I enjoy creating new and clarifying revision products for stressed students."


Dr. Christopher Martin

IB DP Chemistry Teacher | SMARTPREP Author 

"I hold a Masters degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in pharmacology, from Christ’s College, Cambridge. I completed a Ph.D (also at Cambridge) over a decade ago in molecular pharmacology; I investigated two classes of DNA-binding compound, determining their ability to affect gene expression and be used in the treatment of cancer and other genetic diseases. Following my doctorate, I worked in the biotechnology industry for a small organisation that synthesised and tested small molecules as anti-cancer therapeutics. I switched careers to teaching seven years ago and am now the Head of Science and Head of Chemistry at Sevenoaks School in Kent, UK. I have seven years of experience teaching IB Chemistry; I have also taught at A level. I am co-author of Chemistry for the IB Diploma (Owen, S., Cambridge University Press) and a new, related exam guide by the same publishers."


Dr. Paul Muskett

IB DP Biology Teacher | SMARTPREP Author

"I am originally from the UK but have been living in Germany for the past 6 years. I worked as a post doctoral research scientist (in the field of plant molecular biology) before moving into education. This is my fourth year at Munich International School where I teach diploma level biology and MYP science. Before my time at Munich International School I taught at the International School of Stuttgart (Sindelfingen Campus) and Norwich School."


David Riehl

IB DP History Teacher | SMARTPREP Author

"I have been very fortunate in my 22 year professional career to work with IB Historians in Helsinki, Munich, and Washington D.C. 

In IB History I have found the biggest ongoing challenges for teachers and students include: the skill acquisition aspect of the course, the importance that students are able to apply the broader concepts in history, and most significantly perhaps the amount of detailed content required to reach the highest levels.

Once SMARTPREP approached me with their flash card system that would facilitate ongoing learning and exam preparation, I was attracted both by their enthusiasm behind the project and the utility of such a system for IB Historians."


Gillian Williams


IB DP ES&S Teacher | SMARTPREP Author

"I have worked in international education for many years teaching Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies, as well as Theory of Knowledge.

My passion for ES&S developed when I taught in Tanzania and witnessed the slow disappearance of the Mt Kilimanjaro glacier. I have subsequently taught ES&S in all three iterations - Environmental Science (group 4 subject), Ecosystems and Societies (the pilot for the current course) and Environmental Systems and Societies (as it is now). As part of the curriculum review team, I was able to help shape the development of the current ES&S course.

I am co-author of the Environmental Systems and Societies: IB Course Companion and the associated Skills and Practice book (Oxford University Press) and co-author of the ES&S digital textbook by Kognity. I am also a senior examiner for Paper 2 and a moderator.

I am thrilled to be working with SMARTPREP as I feel that well-designed revision flash cards are an innovative way to help students realize their full potential. It is exciting to be able to prepare students for exam success."




Trevor Marshall

IB DP English Teacher | SMARTPREP Author & Editor

“After my initial BA in English Literature and linguistics, my career path took me to residential social work and the Probation Service, via an MSc at Oxford. I began teaching about 15 years ago, and have 10 years experience in international schools based in Prague. I started teaching IB English 8 years ago, and have examined two components of Language A: Literature, and Language and Literature.

I have a particular personal interest in the effectiveness of the SMARTPREP approach, as my elder daughter has started the first year of her studies. It helps me to realise the enormous pressures put on IB students (often by us as teachers!).“



Alexander Veit

"I studied Electrical Engineering at Technische Universität München (TUM). I have always had a passion for great software and intuitive products that make the lives of their users easier. SMARTPREP is making this possible in the print area.

I am assisting not only with my expertise in the area of software engineering, IT-Security and web development, but also with the know-how that I built by guiding and founding startups."